Please read the terms and conditions carefully as they form a legally binding contract.

These terms and conditions form the entire contract between you and SoulPlay ShowBand.

Booking Terms and Conditions; Definitions and Interpretation

“the Contract” – the Booking Confirmation and these terms and conditions.

“us” – Soulplay ShowBand whose registered office is:

61 Bridge Street, Kington. HR5 3DJ

“you”– the person as we reasonably believe to have made the Booking and as stated as being the Client on the Booking Confirmation.

“the Booking” – the arrangements for the Engagement initially agreed between you and us.

“the Act” – the Artistes and other personnel who are to perform at the Engagement.

“the Act Fee” – the cost of the Engagement to you, which includes all reasonable expenses set out in the Booking Confirmation.

“the Venue” – the performance venue named in the Booking Confirmation.

“the Engagement” – the performance engagement detailed in the Booking Confirmation.

“a force majeure event” – any extraordinary event or extraordinary circumstance beyond either your control or the Act’s control which includes Acts of God (including fire, flood,  earthquake, storm,  hurricane  or  other  natural  disaster),  war,  invasion,  act  of  foreign  enemies,  hostilities (regardless  of  whether  war  is  declared),  civil  war,  rebellion,  revolution,  insurrection,  military  or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalisation and government sanction.

“the Booking Confirmation” – the email that we send to you that sets out details relating to your booking.

These terms and conditions form the entire contract between you and us.

If any term of this Contract is held by any court to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of its terms shall still remain in force.

Where appropriate, words importing the masculine shall also include the feminine and the singular number shall also include the plural and vice versa.


Confirming your Booking

Once you confirm that you wish to proceed with the booking, we will send to you a Booking Confirmation.

As soon as We receive your signed Booking Confirmation by return inclusive of a Deposit being 50% of the Booking fee, you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms & conditions that apply in the contract. All fees exclude VAT where applicable unless the Booking Confirmation states otherwise.

Payments can be made via credit /debit card, bank transfer (Credit/debit card payments may incur an additional transaction fee.)

The remaining 50% of the Booking Fee is to be paid by bank transfer 28 days before the Engagement. An invoice can be available on request.


Our Responsibilities

The Act is responsible for ensuring that all personnel booked, perform to a good professional standard and act politely and be suitably dressed during their performance.

The Act does not guarantee the presence of any specific personnel for the Engagement unless we have specifically referred to them in the Booking Confirmation and they have been contracted individually.

The Act will provide all equipment suitable for the Engagement and will hold a minimum of £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance and all  appropriate PAT certificates for any electrical equipment brought to the Venue.


Your Responsibilities

Unless you otherwise agree in writing with us, you have agreed to be responsible for all matters in connection with the Venue and as set out below.

You will be responsible for ensuring:

  • The Venue is able to provide a safe and appropriate working environment for the Act.

  • A suitable electrical supply meeting or exceeding British Standards is provided within five meters of the performance area.

  • The Venue must be capable of accommodating the Act’s performance in all respects, including possessing appropriate licenses. If non-performance results due to the Venue’s restrictions, you will still be liable for the Act Fee.

  • To ensure suitable changing-room facilities are available which are not toilets.

  • The Venue is appropriate for the  setting up and loading in of equipment. Parking must be available within 50 metres of the performance area for unloading purposes. If personnel are required to climb more than 10 steps whilst unloading then the client must ensure there is a lift available or the act reserves the right to charge the client reasonable additional fees towards extra personnel required.

  • Providing all personnel with a hot meal and unlimited soft drinks including water.

  • Free parking is available for the duration of the Engagement. You will be liable for any parking charges.

  • Adequate supervision and/or security is provided at all times. In the event of unruly or threatening behaviour from any person, the personnel are entitled to cease the performance and you will still be liable for the Act Fee in full.

  • You will be liable for any damage to any of the equipment provided for the Engagement by the Act.


Changes to the Performance and Engagement Date

The Act will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the performance at the Engagement runs to any agreed schedule. If on the day of the Engagement, you want to make changes to the performance then this will need to be agreed with the Act and may incur an additional fee.

If at the Engagement, the Act is requested by you/somebody who the Act reasonably believes has your authority, to change the agreed schedule/performance the Act will act reasonably to accommodate the request but in any event the Act Fee will not be reduced as a consequence.

You acknowledge that the Engagement has been booked for a specific date as stated on the Booking Confirmation. You will be deemed to have cancelled the Engagement if you require a change to the Engagement Date and the Act is unavailable on the new date.


Cancellation of the Engagement

Cancellation within 48 hours of confirmation will not carry a cancellation fee unless the event is within the following 28 days, in which case the full booking fee will be due.

Cancellation after 48 hours of confirmation and up to 90 days prior to the event will result in loss of deposit. Cancellation after 48 hours of confirmation and up to 60 days prior to the event will result in loss of deposit and 25% of the remaining balance. Cancellation after 48 hours of confirmation and within 60 days of the event will result in loss of deposit and 50% of the remaining balance. If, in the event of cancelation, SoulPlay are able to book an alternative show on the same date with the same personnel, your booking balance will be refunded less any expenses or losses.


Cancellation because of Force Majeure

If a Force  Majeure  event  occurs  then either party is entitled to cancel the Engagement providing written notice is given within 24 hours of the event first occurring and in which case both you and the Act have no further liability or obligation under the contract between you and the Act.

If the Engagement is cancelled by you due to a Force Majeure event then the 50% Deposit remains non-refundable.

If the Engagement is cancelled by us then a full refund of the Deposit is due



In the event that you wish to make a complaint, as a condition precedent to any compensation claim, you must put the complaint in writing to us within 48 hours of the Engagement taking place. In the first instance, we shall attempt to mediate in good faith with the intention of reaching a satisfactory outcome to your complaint.